Latest MOC - Caerphilly [28 Pics]

Caerphilly castle is one of the most impressive examples of medieval castle building in Great Britain. Construction of the castle commenced in 1272 under the orders of Marcher Lord, Baron Gilbert de Clare. De Clare built the castle to prevent his powerful rival Llewelyn ap Gruffyd from invading the area.... [more]

Caldicot [39 Pics]
Perhaps one of Wales' best kept secrets, the castle at Caldicot sits on an ancient site. Restored to much of its original outstanding condition, it is a lovely place to spend the day. The castle contains all the elements of the typical medieval fortress, and has been lovingly cared for by its present owners, who have opened it to the public. One of the best ways to enjoy this marvelous structure is to make use of the self-guided cassette tour which allows you to explore the castle at your own pace.... [more]

Chepstow [10 Pics]
Chepstow, alias Striguil, was the earliest and the most important of the original bases from which the Normans conquored South Wales. the first foothold occupied beyond the old Anglo-Saxon border. It is a lofty but very narrow castle, occupying the whole backbone of a rocky spur which has the precipitous cliffs above the Wye on one side, an a deep and steep ravine on the other, separating it from the hill on which Chepstow town stands.... [more]

Eilean Donan [16 Pics]
Although the island of Eilean Donan has been a fortified site for at least 800 years, the present building largely dates from the early 20th century. Today's castle, which rose from the ruins of its predecessor, was re-built between 1912 and 1932 by Lieutenant Colonel John MacRae-Gilstrap.... [more]

Inverlochy [4 Pics]
This fine old Castle was built in the thirteenth century and has curtain walls thirty feet high surrounding a courtyard ninety feet square. Massive round towers at each corner ran to three stories and the grooves for the Portcullis are still seen at the Eastern Entrance.... [more]

St Mawes [55 Pics]
St Mawes Castle was built by Henry VIII in 1540-45 as one of a pair of artillery forts to protect this strategic area from the threat of invasion from Catholic France and Spain. Pendennis Castle was built on the opposite headland and between them their cannon could cover the entire entrance to the Fal estuary.... [more]

Tintagel [15 Pics]
Tintagel Castle has been linked with the tales of King Arthur since 1136, when Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote that it was here that King Arthur was conceived. Later stories told of how Arthur was born and even lived at Tintagel, but there is no direct evidence to connect him with the area.... [more]

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