This is the links page from my old site .. pending a rewrite. It's entirely possible a lot of links no longer work.
LEGO tm The LEGO Community on the net. Accept no substitutes A HUGE resource of LEGO instructions. Rebuild the sets from your childhood. LEGO CAD program Great place to buy your bricks
Minifigville Great LEGO community and humour site Some of the best, and definitely the most realistic Lego Castles around. Each model is a very accurate reconstruction of the real thing. Fantastic Where I get a lot of my older sets from Fellow Lugnetter. I love his Inn MOC Zhengrong ZANG's RCX Controlled LEGO Train Projects
My Other Sites
My Brickshelf AccountWhere I dump pictures I cant be bothered uploading to this site :)
Biggles OnlineReference Site for the works of W.E. Johns character Biggles.
Non LEGO Sites I Think Are Cool Movie News The best band ever or what Superb Rock mail order site (the company not necessarily the site which I designed and programmed too but it was a while ago) Computer News (with a sense of humour) Where I get my DVD's from Simply the best comic series ever


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