Latest MOC - Farmstead [5 Pics]

This model was made using another Ninja Castle amongst other bits. Got its photo on the front page of Lugnet, which cant be bad... [more]

Guarded Inn v2 [7 Pics]
Inspired by set 6067, The Guarded Inn (in my opinion one of the best of the Castle Series). It did involve masking tape and spray paint to convert the corner yellow pieces into 'Tudor Walls' pieces.... [more]

Fortified House [7 Pics]
This is a small fortified house with courtyard and observation tower. Its built of various parts I had lying around.... [more]

House with Courtyard [9 Pics]
With Lego kindly re-releasing the Guarded Inn I took the opportunity to buy a couple of copies and have a go at making something different. My brother-in-law had just given me some baseplates and so using one of those I set to. I wanted to build a building with a courtyard, but it proved a lot more difficult than I anticipated.... [more]

Village Houses [5 Pics]
I started building these little houses a while ago after being impressed by the ones built by Jon Furman. Lots of other people have been inspired since, and it turns out all along I'd been building to the 3CS... [more]

House 1 [6 Pics]
Tan house... [more]

House 2 [7 Pics]
A double fronted house... [more]

House 3 [8 Pics]
House over archway... [more]

Small Bank [10 Pics]
I started this model as a bank, but hey guess what it ended up as a Starbucks. (And No, I know I'm not the first to do a Medieval Lego Starbucks).... [more]

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