Latest MOC - Dockside Tavern [9 Pics]

Ok so LEGO bring out their new Alpha team sets and although I'm not bowled over with them I like some of the parts. I've fallen into the trap of buying sets for the bits. Oh well. In most of my sets I've tried to keep the same economy of brick as the official LEGO sets, sets that are smaller than the building really ought to be but conveying the concepts of a larger building... [more]

Guard Tower [6 Pics]
A small moc of a guard tower.. Nuff said... [more]

Church [9 Pics]
I found my collection of bricks that weren't gray or black getting bigger and bigger, so I built something white. :)... [more]

Windmill [12 Pics]
This was my attempt at making something functional as well as (vaguely) aesthetic. Inspired by a couple of great models of working mills and the like I fancied trying one of my own.... [more]

Covered Marketplace [11 Pics]
Throughout the Wye Valley, and I daresay much of the rest of the country you will find these covered market places. Some more elaborate than others. Monmouth has a grand building behind it, Ross-On-Wye has a clock tower, Hay-on-Wye has its covered 'Butter Market' but they are all of a similar design.... [more]

Tannery [13 Pics]
Not far out of Cardiff (its rapidly becoming in the center of Cardiff) is the Museum of Welsh Life at St Fagans. For ideas for building Castle LEGO (that aren't castles) its great. There is an abundance of rural and agricultural buildings. Mainly from C18th and C19th. One of my favorite has always been the Tannery.... [more]

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