Latest MOC - WolfPack v2 [8 Pics]

This is an extension of my original WolfPack lair OK so it's made with a lot of burps which I know lots of people don't like or agree with, but I had to do something with them :) Click on an image for the large version.... [more]

Jyo [5 Pics]
Combination of a number of 6093's with a bit of remodeling... [more]

Large Keep [6 Pics]
A large castle made up from 6080 and lots of other bits hanging around.... [more]

WolfPack Gatehouse [6 Pics]
Built from 6088 - Robbers Retreat a Gatehouse for those nasty WolfPack... [more]

6090 v2 [14 Pics]
Castle - This Castle is a combination of 6080 and 6090. I had a few of each set and wanted to combine them whilst keeping the spirit of the originals.... [more]

Red Castle [8 Pics]
This castle was made as a result of my visit to TVLF last month, so thanks to Jon Hayward and Mark Morgan for supplying the parts needed... [more]

375 in Grey [4 Pics]
There has been a lot of discussion recently on Lugnet about alternate colours for original kits. Here is a rendition of the original castle 375 in grey, as built by Sharon, my other half... [more]

Black Knights Fortress [18 Pics]
I wanted to do a couple of things with this castle. Firstly I wanted to have a castle with hoarding, secondly I wanted to do a keep that wasn't too uniform or boxy.... [more]

Gatehouse [15 Pics]
I'd wanted to build something along the lines of this model for a while. Having obtained a few pier bases (1 2) I thought they would make a good raised entrance for a castle, a gateway which would hopefully be big and impressive enough to take traffic but remain secure... [more]

Rounded Tower [6 Pics]
The second part of my bid to build a large modular castle is the rounded tower. Designed to fit with the Gatehouse and also to be compatible with the 80's modular castle section the tower sits 5 storeys high.... [more]

Castle Project 1 [6 Pics]
I've built lots of castles over the years, but never anything big. When I was a child I thought I built em' big, but I was wrong. So I decided to give it a go, with more LEGO now and a place of my own, I could go for it.
OK, it isn't that huge by some standards but its larger than what I've done before.
... [more]

Castle Project 2 [26 Pics]
Stage 2 consists of a curtain wall around the original keep. With a gatehouse at either end. A small building has been added to either side of the front gatehouse. On the river side you can see a window which leads to the storerooms allowing food and goods to be drawn into the castle by boat. This feature was something I saw and liked in Chepstow Castle (although their castle is on a much higher cliff, so the window, being several hundred feet up is a bit more defensable)
... [more]

Castle Project 3 [30 Pics]
Firstly let me apologise for the slightly blurry quality of some of these pictures. I completely forgot to use the tripod, with predictable results. Anyway ...

For the third part of the castle I wanted to give the impression that the castle had become more than just a fortification and somewhere also where people lived too.... [more]

Castle Project 4 [17 Pics]
Stage 4 of the castle primarily consists of the large new building at the back of the fortification. I have tried to capture a slightly later building style in the latest stage.... [more]

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