Eilean Donan

Although the island of Eilean Donan has been a fortified site for at least 800 years, the present building largely dates from the early 20th century. Today's castle, which rose from the ruins of its predecessor, was re-built between 1912 and 1932 by Lieutenant Colonel John MacRae-Gilstrap.

6th/7th century The name Eilean Donan (island of Donan) established.
late 13th century Held by Kenneth MacKenzie.
After 1362 The MacRae clan came to Kintail from the Beauly Firth where they had given protection to the Clan Fraser. Here they soon became 'bodyguards' to the MacKenzie chiefs. Despite disputes, the MacKenzies held Eilean Donan almost constantly until the 16th century.
1511 As protectors of the MacKenzies, the MacRaes first became Constables of the Castle in 1511 with considerable control over the surrounding area.
1539 A feud between the MacKenzies and the McLeods of Dunvegan, over the disputed claims of Donald Gorm MacDonald to the title of Lord of the Isles, came to head when he attacked the Castle with 50 galleys. He was famously shot and killed by Duncan MacRae with a single arrow.
1715 The Castle was garrisoned by Government troops but later retaken by the Jacobites before the Battle of Sheriffmuir. Before the Battle
1719 The Castle was attacked by Government warships and abandoned in ruins after the bombardment.
1911 Bought by John MacRae-Gilstrap.
1912 Project began to restore the Castle.
1932 Completed after 20 years of reconstruction. Bridge to the island also finished.

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