Castle Project 2

Stage 2 consists of a curtain wall around the original keep. With a gatehouse at either end. A small building has been added to either side of the front gatehouse. On the river side you can see a window which leads to the storerooms allowing food and goods to be drawn into the castle by boat. This feature was something I saw and liked in Chepstow Castle (although their castle is on a much higher cliff, so the window, being several hundred feet up is a bit more defensable)

A big feature of lots of medieval castles was their woodwork. Towers, fortifications and other buildings would have sat on the walls and in the grounds of the castle, in a much more temporary way than the surrounding stone. Due to the fact these seldom survive, we dont see them in the castles left today. I have added a winch to the curtain wall again allowing goods by boat to be brought into the castle. More wood work may well follow. I have also tried to keep in mind the actuall fortification of the castle. Are parts of it able to be held when other parts have fallen. All parts of the battlements are achievable by a minifig, although some parts take a more circuitous route than others. This will be seen further in later stages. A small chapel can be seen on the landward wall (closeup in the last picture) which has stables below.

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