Castle Project 3

Firstly let me apologise for the slightly blurry quality of some of these pictures. I completely forgot to use the tripod, with predictable results. Anyway ...

For the third part of the castle I wanted to give the impression that the castle had become more than just a fortification and somewhere also where people lived too.

So a forward bailey has been added surrounded by some larger buildings. A new hall has been added on the riverward side of the new bailey, boasting larger windows to allow more light in and trusting their size to the defence of the river and their height up the wall. These windows are shutterable from the inside in the case of attack from that direction. under the new hall is space for either storage or stabling depending on the current use of the castle.
To the front of the new section is the new keep, three floors of living space. The floors are not all accessable from a centeral point as a defence mechanism. The lower floor is either accessed from the main door near the Great Hall or from a small door and a short flight of stairs next to the main gate. The second floor is accessable from a doorway from the Great Hall, and the third from a wooden staircase hung on the outside, riverward wall (a technique used in Chepstow castle). The portcullis is controlled from the third floor.

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