Castle Project 4

Stage 4 of the castle primarily consists of the large new building at the back of the fortification. I have tried to capture a slightly later building style in the latest stage.

The new building is accessable only from the wall walk of the older outer ward. A bridge stretches across the new ward and joins the new building on the first floor. A new curtain wall joins the building to the castle proper, creating the new ward.

The river side of the curtain wall is lower than the land side as the river provides a degree of protection. The battered plinth at the back of the building leading to the small tower is designed to provide compatability with our local wall standard.(Click Here to see the wall standard)

The building does open up, the roof removes and the top half detatches also. I will photograph them when (if) I get round to it.

The village and docks were added as set dressing but there are a couple of models in there that haven't been shown on the site before. The docks for example were made quickly for a fest last year but I liked them so much I kept them.

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