Small Bank

I started this model as a bank, but hey guess what it ended up as a Starbucks. (And No, I know I'm not the first to do a Medieval Lego Starbucks).

I originally started this after reading a very good article on using hinges to get odd angles. The windows to the rear are from a Harry Potter set, proving again although Harry Potter is rubbish in my opinion, he has led to some good LEGO elements. The window ledge in the fourth photo is using SNOT. The front wall is hinged and does open but all the interior shots were fuzzy so I binned them. I will retake them when I have time (probably never get done then). I had trouble with the hinged front and the roof slope so rebuilt the roof and the front now hinges open under the eaves.

The Starbucks logo is (assumedly) the copyright of Starbucks and used here in a loving manner. No association or endorsement by Starbucks is implied or meant.

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