Minifig Evolution

Minor and major steps in the history of the minifigure
The first minifigures are launched for the themes Town, Space and Castle. There were seven different figures to start with.
Two months after the appearance of the first minifigures the first female minifigure arrived on the scene: a hospital nurse.
Minifigures change their facial expressions. Now they can be either good or bad – and can even have a patch over one eye! Some of the figures are equipped with a wooden leg and hook. The Pirates are the first LEGO product range to top DKK 1bn (EUR 134m) in sales.
The minifigure comes to life. In the computer game “Panic on LEGO Island” the minifigure makes its first-ever appearance as an animated character. The launch of this new game is preceded by extensive experiment in developing the figure’s movements and language.
With the new Star Wars characters the minifigure makes its first appearance in a specific role. This personification of the minifigure is later extended to LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Studios, LEGO Basketball and other series.
In LEGO Football the minifigure is mounted on a spring – becoming a functional element. There is further development with LEGO Basketball – when the spring is used to activate the figure’s hip movement.
For the first time in the history of the minifigure its yellow facial colouring is replaced by a more authentic skin colour. In LEGO Basketball there are both dark and light players, with hair-styling printed on the character’s head.

from the LEGO Company Profile 2005

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